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On the flood plains of the Murray River in southern NSW our Dorper lambs are raised to suit the particular needs of our customers.

Our breed, the Dorper, is a robust South African meat producing sheep that is naturally fast growing so there's no need for chemicals, drenching or lot fed finishing. 

Dorpers are renowned for their fine muscling and even fat distribution, delivering mouth-watering succulence and rich flavour. To guarantee tenderness we dry age for at least seven days.

When you choose our lamb you'll know you're working with full-flavoured meat that's tender, aged and ready-to-go. A perfect product on the plate.

Although we only process to order, our sustainable farming practices and breed selection means we can guarantee you constant lamb supply under almost any conditions. We're always looking at ways to make sure we're running our business as cleverly and humanly as possible.

Here at Plains Paddock, we've thought a lot about how we produce our lamb and we're confident there's no better way.


Butcher Shop

Welcome to the Butcher Shop.

I am not doing anymore home deliveries until further notice, but please still order and collect from a farmers market, see Going To Market page for dates.

Buy your free-range Plains Paddock Dorper Lamb here and we'll deliver to your door for free.

*Currently delivering to Melbourne Metro only.

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Now  that you’re purchased your plains paddock lamb at the farmers' market or here online you need to follow a few steps to make sure you best look after your meat. Lamb lasts best in a fridge running at 2 degrees c but that can be impossible in a domestic fridge. Choose what cuts you need for the week and put rest in the freezer.

When you’re ready to start cooking your Plains Paddock lamb bring it up to room temperature, work your magic, rest the meat after cooking somewhere warm and serve. If you find that the cyrovacc bags have been compromised then please take out of bag wash off lamb under tap and place on plate in fridge or re wrap and freeze. Your nose is absolutely the best guide of freshness when it comes to meat.


We've put together some cooking tips for all Plains Paddock Lamb cuts


A shoulder

Remove from fridge, bring up to room temp, slash across, rub in your favourite marinade, or buy a boned shoulder and cut up for a succulent Indian curry.


A leg

We've all got our favourite roast leg recipes, but think about boning yours out, coating in a nutty satay sauce, cooking in Weber, serving with rice, silverbeet pilaf.


A rack

Break it down to cutlets, rub a little EVOO in and bbq, a simple iceberg salad, no fuss and get the kids to do the dishes.


A lamb belly

Honestly, my favourite cut, get out of fridge and place in large pot of water, bring to boil, then simmer whole for 1.5 hours, cool, chop into ribs with your meat cleaver, marinate with soy, seasame oil, Chinese 5 spice, bit of sugar and some rice wine vinegar (or any vinegar) cook in oven or on bbq, rice and coriander. WOW!


A bit of mince

A spicy Kofka, moussaka, lamb burgers, san choy bau. See recipes.


Loin chops and rump

Beg, borrow or steal a jar of Peter Watson Chemoula blend (or buy some here), coat lamb in and cook in oven or on bbq, serve with a roquette salad.

Eating meat that has been raised ethically is very important to our family. We choose to eat Plains Paddock lamb because we know that Anna raises her animals with love, care & respect right to the very end. It tastes better than any other lamb I have eaten & it is raised ethically- WIN WIN. And you can now have it delivered direct to your door for prices that make it unbeatable. We don’t buy lamb any other way... I encourage everyone to do the same.
— Ruth Bruten, aka Gourmet Girlfriend