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On the flood plains of the Murray River in southern NSW our Dorper lambs are raised to suit the particular needs of our customers.

Our breed, the Dorper, is a robust South African meat producing sheep that is naturally fast growing so there's no need for chemicals, drenching or lot fed finishing. 

Dorpers are renowned for their fine muscling and even fat distribution, delivering mouth-watering succulence and rich flavour. To guarantee tenderness we dry age for at least seven days.

When you choose our lamb you'll know you're working with full-flavoured meat that's tender, aged and ready-to-go. A perfect product on the plate.

Although we only process to order, our sustainable farming practices and breed selection means we can guarantee you constant lamb supply under almost any conditions. We're always looking at ways to make sure we're running our business as cleverly and humanly as possible.

Here at Plains Paddock, we've thought a lot about how we produce our lamb and we're confident there's no better way.



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From Plains Paddock to plate... you know the story of this lamb… it’s farmed with love by the cute chick in the ute who delivers it. Bypass the supermarket and taste the difference.
— James A Hains, Richmond

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The Locavor Edition - Plains Paddock Lamb

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Landline - Meat and Greet

ABC TV Broadcast: 10/02/2013 1:11:46 PM

I found Plains Paddock lamb to be consistent in the quality of texture and flavour, its easy to tell they are happy lambs, they’ve been looked after from paddock to plate and the guests at Circa expect to eat the best products on offer, that’s why I choose Plains Paddock lambs.
— Jacob Nicolson - Head Chef