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On the flood plains of the Murray River in southern NSW our Dorper lambs are raised to suit the particular needs of our customers.

Our breed, the Dorper, is a robust South African meat producing sheep that is naturally fast growing so there's no need for chemicals, drenching or lot fed finishing. 

Dorpers are renowned for their fine muscling and even fat distribution, delivering mouth-watering succulence and rich flavour. To guarantee tenderness we dry age for at least seven days.

When you choose our lamb you'll know you're working with full-flavoured meat that's tender, aged and ready-to-go. A perfect product on the plate.

Although we only process to order, our sustainable farming practices and breed selection means we can guarantee you constant lamb supply under almost any conditions. We're always looking at ways to make sure we're running our business as cleverly and humanly as possible.

Here at Plains Paddock, we've thought a lot about how we produce our lamb and we're confident there's no better way.


The Spit Project

Lamb and or pork on a spit in your favourite location

Spit Story 

Anna Kelly of Plains Paddock has fired up the spit again. Plains paddock now has a spit available to hire when you purchase whole animals for your event, you can even get a chef to take care of all the trimmings.   

 The spit can cater for upwards of 25 people, including small festivals and weddings.

The quality of the lamb is outstanding due to the animals being raised in true free range environments, both sustainably and ethically. The idea to have a spit service attached to the business arose from demand from customers wanting their meat expertly cooked for them.

The spit service is perfect for any event where you would like the meat to take centre stage. The background story behind the animals origin and how the animal are grown adds to the drama and appreciation of enjoying a whole beast from nose to tail. At the same time you can feel good about directly supporting farmers and their small businesses. 

Give the Anna a hoy if this is your idea of a great idea. 



comes with our own red gum wood coals $115

Outside or very well ventilated cooking only


To feed up to 35 people
Small lamb (around 15kg) $250

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To feed from 35 to 45 people

Large Lamb (around 20kg) $320

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To feed from 45-60 people

Large lamb (around 25kg) $400

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To make sure your function runs smoothly, hire our chef to do the the whole shebang!
remember that ‘nothing is impossible’. 

Minimum 30 people, if you have less we'll work out a price to suit what you need. 



The chef will start the fire with the coals provided, tend spit for cooking duration, carve once cooked, clean and remove spit approx. 8 hours , at
$45 per hour

you need power close by

Enquire now!


Supply, prepare and serve seasonal salads to match your meat
$22 per head (plus the fire up fee) 

Our chef  will be using your kitchen, plates, serving platters etc. and will leave kitchen in same nik as he found it

Enquire now!


Plains Paddock Lamb is seriously good. Succulent and full of flavour, it’s a pleasure to cook and eat this lovingly reared product
— Mish Delish

Spit Project menu ideas

  • Quick pickled Chinese cabbage salad with asian herbs, green papaya, fried shallots, dried shrimp and Steamed potato salad with chives, mustard and mayo
  • Horseradish Cream and Chimmichurri
  • Artisan bread rolls or tortillas
  • Proper Lebanese Tabbouleh
  • Over roasted spiced beans in a tomatoey dressing saffron yoghurt sauce and a chunky bean & herb smash
  • Spongey pita bread or rolls

Email Anna for more info, or to discuss prices, tell us what you're after and we'll work it out for you.
We’re pretty friendly and love a yarn. 


Extra info


Cleaning cost: We’ll do it for an extra $40, OR otherwise you can just tip out the coals, use a bucket of hot water and a scrubbing brush to clean off the mess and a good hose off will do the trick.

We need spit returned in same condition please!

Delivery and pick up: dependent on location, but it will cost roughly $3 per KM from Melb GPO for city, $1 per KM from Melb GPO for country. Give us a ring if you want to chat about where you need to get the spit to, and we’ll see if we can work out the best and most affordable way for you.

NB: You can collect from Melb CBD of you want, keep in mind spit is tad over 1500mm long and 700mm wide, which just fits on a normal ute tray.

The girls have got some good wholesome farming connections with free range chicken, beef and goat for you if you wanted to add to the lamb or pork, just ask.